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The Excalibastard is a legendary laser weapon manufactured by Hyperion.

Excalibastard is stuck in a stone at Stanton's Liver. It is found by jumping across several cliffs at the left edge of the map, as seen from the entrance, before crossing the bridge leading to the refinery complex.

Special Effect

Thou art most badass. – All parts fixed. Increased critical hit damage. Perfect (100.0) accuracy. Critical hits have 100% chance to freeze targets with ranged and melee while wielding the weapon. Meleeing frozen enemies with this weapon generates a singularity that pulls enemies in close and then explodes into a cryo elemental nova which freezes other nearby enemies.

Usage & Description


  • Excalibastard requires 2500 Badass Rank to pick up. It may only be taken once per character, across playthrough modes, so it may be wise to wait until level 70.
  • Excalibastard can be obtained from the Grinder since patch 1.02.
  • A cryo singularity can be created multiple times on the same enemy if they do not die.
  • It is possible to freeze enemies as Nisha using tombstone and grenades, so long as the Excalibastard is being held when the grenade scores a critical hit.
  • There is an apparent bug provided you have the Excalibastard equipped when entering a vehicle, you can still freeze enemies by scoring critical hits on them by using the vehicle's main weapon.


  • The name is a combination of Excalibur, the name of King Arthur's sword, and "bastard."



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