The Evolution is a Seraph Adaptive Shield manufactured by Anshin. The Evolution can be obtained as a drop from Hyperius the Invincible or rarely from Master Gee the Invincible. It can also be purchased from the Seraph Vendor in Oasis during Normal or True Vault Hunter Mode. 

Special Effects

Strength through adversity. – Lowered shield capacity. Significantly increases maximum health, adds high elemental resistance and provides health regeneration. Damage to the shield increases health regeneration rate.

Usage & Description

The Evolution is very similar to its legendary counterpart, the Neogenator - featuring a relatively low capacity in comparison to purple rarity adaptive shields, but offering significantly higher elemental damage resistance and maximum health bonuses, and added health regeneration that gains strength as the Evolution takes damage. The health regeneration is only active while there is some charge in the Evolution, stopping upon full depletion.

As with all adaptive shields, when initially equipped the Evolution has no elemental resistance, adopting a resistance after taking elemental damage. The resistance is lost upon depletion.


  • During Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, the Evolution cannot be found for sale at the Oasis Seraph Vendor. It can only be purchased during Normal or True Vault Hunter Mode.
  • The increased health regeneration whilst the Evolution is damaged can prove useful to Gunzerkers, due to their combat style often resulting in sustained damage. It can also be risky, as the regeneration stops upon full depletion.
  • An Evolution will have about 55% more capacity but about 37.5% less recharge rate and 23% more recharge delay than a Neogenator with identical level and parts. However, the elemental resistance, increased max health, and health regeneration will be the same.
  • An Evolution with 86% elemental resistance will take 9.02 seconds to naturally recharge after depletion.

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