For the similarly named unique reward pistol in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, see Smasher.

Evil Smasher is a unique assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Torgue. Evil Smasher is obtained from the mission The Chosen One.

Special Weapon Effects

Evil will be SMASHED!!! WITH SMASHING!!! EVIL!!! SMASH!!! ER!!! – Reloading has a small chance to massively enhance the power of the weapon and will last until the next reload.

Usage & Description

The Evil Smasher's stats are below average, with an extremely small magazine size, and half the damage and rate of fire of an equally-leveled blue Torgue rifle. However, there is a chance that the Evil Smasher will 'Power Up' after reload, indicated by Evil Smasher seemingly exploding (but doing no damage), along with a unique sound effect at the beginning of a reload.

If the effect is activated, for the next magazine only, the Evil Smasher will have boosted stats: 8x damage, doubled fire rate, significantly improved accuracy, recoil reduction, projectile speed, and magazine size. Reload speed, however, remains the same.

Due to the unreliable special effect, the Evil Smasher is a novelty weapon as other common Torgue weapons at a similar level will outperform it easily.


  • The Evil Smasher, just like other Torgue rifles, deals an additional 80% splash damage that is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.
  • Bonus damage is added after internal damage calculations. This means that skills like Anarchy will not affect it. External damage modifiers such as Death Mark function normally.
  • Very rarely, the special effect can occur multiple times in succession, doubling the boost in all stats.
  • Class mods and skills can modify the Evil Smasher's base and boosted magazine sizes. For example, if Gaige has 1 skill point in Smaller, Lighter, Faster, the Evil Smasher's magazine count will be reduced by 2; 1 is taken off 6, another 1 is taken off 17, whereas for other weapons with a magazine size of 23, the skill will only take away 1 magazine count.
  • The 'explosion' effect indicating the powerup occurs before the reload completes. A patient player can melee or switch weapons to interrupt the reload repeatedly until the effect occurs, and get the amplified stats easily.
  • A glitch associated with the Evil Smasher's random buff effect used to be able to be exploited in order to allow characters to get extremely powerful weapon stats for other weapons. This is still usable as a Gunzerker if one hand contains the Evil Smasher and the other hand, the gun to be exploited.


  • The Evil Smasher is an assault rifle modified by Marcus. The gun appears to be cheaply made; certain parts have the color and texture of corroded copper, while others are painted pure white and covered in doodles. Marcus sold Evil Smasher to Kai for two million dollars, as explained by ECHOs found during The Chosen One, while the in-game value is at most around 9 hundred thousand dollars at Overpower 8.
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