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Everybody Wants to be Wanted is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage given by Moxxi in Badass Crater Bar after defeating Motor Momma.



In an effort to psyche out other gladiators in the Torgue tournament, Moxxi has asked you to plaster some of your own wanted posters in Southern Raceway ."
  • Place Axton poster
  • Place Maya poster
  • Place Salvador poster
  • Place Zer0 poster


There are four objective markers scattered around the Southern Raceway, each one denoting the location of a poster to be displayed. All four areas are guarded by bikers, one group of Pete's Burners, two of Momma's Boys, and one with non-aligned units on bikes. The posters simply need to be placed at the objectives - the defenders are inconsequential.


"Your wanted posters have scared the crap out of your fellow gladiators.
Granted, they'll still try to kill you on sight, but still. You've messed with their heads at least."

Turn in: Moxxi