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Ever Blow Bubbles...? is a challenge in Borderlands 2 that takes place in Caustic Caverns.


The corrosive shore is the first that the Vault Hunter comes across in Caustic Caverns, just east of a small shack. It is the area an objective in The Lost Treasure refers to as "Under the acid-soaked railway". The Vault Hunter must stand by the island surrounding the broken rail, wait for a corrosive bubble to form in the lake surface, and use that to launch themselves into the air and land on the rail, completing the challenge. Running into the bubble is required, as jumping onto it will not give enough lift. Once in the air, a combination of lateral movement and a degree of luck may be required to land in the correct place. The bubbles do not remain very long before bursting on their own, and as the Vault Hunter must wait until a bubble forms nearby, the challenge may be more time consuming than difficult.

This challenge is worth 1 Badass Rank.


In the patch released on August 29, 2013, this challenge was removed from the Psycho class as players could not complete it due to Krieg's heft. [1]


The name of this mission is most likely a reference to an old, off-color, joke, which generally goes: "Did you ever blow bubbles when you were a kid?" The answer is usually "yes", which triggers the punchline, "Well, he says hi." or "Well, he's back in town."



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