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Erik Franks is an NPC located in the tenement district at the north end of New Haven town. He is a mission provider associated with the main story of Borderlands.


Erik Franks is a New Haven resident of the tenement area with an apparent dislike for his lot in life in New Haven.


Erik becomes a brief focal point in the story during the feud between the Kobb brothers over the control of Jaynistown. Once Jaynis Kobb has been dispatched Taylor Kobb sends the Vault Hunters to New Haven to contact supporters there and the main point of contact is Erik himself. Erik then has a plan of his own to make sure that further interference will not happen and sends the freshly victorious liberators of Jaynistown on a presumably one-way errand.

He also offers a mission to collect some magazines that his wife has discarded after their last argument.

The missions he offers are:



  • Although he attempts to entrap the Vault Hunters by directing them into a bandit ambush, Erik Franks himself will remain a friendly NPC.
  • Strange machinery noises can be heard emanating from the garage door he stands next to. These sounds correspond to the rotation of the radar dish on top of the structure, which itself can be seen from the street below or viewed more clearly by climbing the hill behind.
  • Erik becomes a victim of Slag experimentation by Handsome Jack according to ECHO recordings recovered in the Borderlands 2 mission Doctor's Orders.
    • He is also revealed to have now married a husband with skull-shivers in the same mission.


  • Erik is said to hate New Haven enough to leave town at the urging of Taylor Kobb, yet he still remains in New Haven after his missions are completed.