The Eridian Thunder Storm is the Eridian equivalent of the Shotgun.

As with the other Eridian weapons, it technically has an infinite amount of ammo, but a limited number of continuous shots.

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Special Effects

"Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but it can strike freaking everywhere!"- Sprays a set of 8 small lightning orbs that continuously deal shock damage on impact, which ricochet and then fly off the screen. Knocks targets back. Some shots are accompanied by the sound of thunder.

Usage & Description

The Thunder Storm is a shotgun-style weapon that deals extremely powerful elemental Shock damage, that can electrocute targets in as little as one shot. Even though Shock damage is weak against flesh, the Thunder Storm works well against unshielded enemies. The drawback to the Thunder Storm, like many Eridian weapons, is it has a small "magazine". This drawback limits its effectiveness in heavy combat situations. Having two Eridian weapons equipped at the same time can offset this drawback slightly. This can give one weapon time to recharge while the other is being fired.

The Thunder Storm is similar to a combat shotgun with its high damage, low accuracy, and high fire rate. Like a combat shotgun, it is most effective at short range. The Thunder Storm's high damage combined with multiple projectiles and elemental damage makes it one of the most powerful multi-shot weapons in Borderlands. As with other Eridian weapons, the character moves slightly slower with this gun in hand.


The accuracy (16.7) and rate of fire (2.0) are constant across all variants. The damage is affected by the level requirement and the body type the gun has. The magazine determines how many shots can be fired and how quickly the gun can be reloaded; variants have been encountered with all magazine types. Eridian Thunder Storms use 45 units of magazine energy per shot, and thus are able to fire two to five times before they must recharge.

Base level
Body type 1 Other body types
19 91 x 8 99 x 8
28 137 x 8 148 x 8
30 202 x 8
37 187 x 8 202 x 8
44 294 x 8
46 241 x 8 260 x 8
49 260 x 8 280 x 8
53 285 x 8

308 x 8

54 291 x 8 315 x 8
55 322 x 8 364 x 8
56 304 x 8 329 x 8
57 311 x 8 336 x 8
58 317 x 8 343 x 8
59 324 x 8 350 x 8
60 331 x 8 357 x 8
61 337 x 8 364 x 8
65 364 x 8
66 401 x 8
67 408 x 8
68 385 x 8 416 x 8


  • The Thunder Storm, like other low accuracy, multi-shot guns, is an excellent weapon to use against flying creatures.
  • Due to its shock element and high damage, the Thunder Storm is an excellent weapon to use against Craw Maggots.

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