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The Eridian Stampeding Spatter Gun is one of four corrosive Eridian weapons introduced with the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

For when you want to splat the living shit out of something. – Shoots a visible arcing projectile. The projectile ricochets three times, creating a smaller projectile each time. The projectiles erupt into an acid splash upon most impacts.

Usage & Description[]

The Eridian Stampeding Spatter Gun, like the Lightning and Thunder Storm, is an Eridian weapon with extreme elemental damage. While its stats are underwhelming at first glace, the Spatter Guns strength lies in its elemental effect. Its elemental damage can rival a Defiler or Serpens. It can corrode enemies in just a few shots. The drawback to the Spatter gun, like many Eridian weapons, is it has a small "magazine". This drawback limits its effectiveness in heavy combat situations. Having two Eridian weapons equipped at the same time can offset this drawback slightly. This can give one weapon time to recharge while the other is being fired. Unlike the Eridian Firebomb, the Spatter Guns shots can be seen skipping along the ground making aiming a bit easier.


  • The Stampeding Spatter Gun is the highest form of the Eridian corrosive rifles, and is usually of orange rarity. The other three are the Glob Gun, the Splat Gun, and the Rolling Spatter Gun.

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