The Eridian Rifle is the Eridian equivalent of a semi-automatic combat rifle. As with the other Eridian weapons, it technically has an unlimited amount of ammo, but a limited number of continuous shots.

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Special Effects

"Full of electric death" - An Eridian Rifle fires balls of electric energy that deal powerful shock damage. Projectiles will riccochet off surfaces if they do not hit an enemy.

Usage & Description

The Rifle, like the Eridian Thunder Storm and the Eridian Lightning, deals extremely powerful Shock elemental damage that can electrocute targets in just a few shots. Even though Shock damage is weak against flesh, the Rifle works well against unshielded enemies. Like the Mercurial Blaster, the Rifle has a decent "magazine" capacity. This makes it more effective in heavy combat situations than other Eridian weapons with smaller capacity. Having two Eridian weapons equipped at the same time can increase this effectivness. This can give one weapon time to recharge while the other is being fired. The Rifle's drawback is that it is far less powerful and accurate than its closest Eridian counterpart, the Eridian Lightning. The Rifle lacks the Lightning's instant hit ability as well as having about half the damage of the Lightning, but more than twice the ammo capacity.

The Rifle has virtually no recoil, so the gun can be fired rapidly without having to compensate for recoil throwing off accuracy. Unlike other Eridian weapons, the character will not move slower when this weapon is equipped.


So far, all variants have the same accuracy (91.7) and fire rate (2.0). The damage depends on the level requirement and the body type of the gun. As with all Eridian weapons, the type of magazine determines how many shots can be fired on a full charge and how quickly the gun's reserve replenishes itself. Eridian Rifles seem to use 7 units of magazine energy per shot, giving them a total capacity of 12 to 29 shots when fully charged.

Base level
Body type 1 Other body types





48 219
57 269
59 280
64 309



67 327
68 333


This is the only Eridian weapon that does not reduce movement speed when equipped.

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