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The Eridian Promontory is a hidden pathway in an alpine region of Pandora. Guardians lie in wait throughout the area to prevent trespassers from reaching what lies beyond.


At some point in the distant past, during the Eridian presence on Pandora, the Eridians used a series of natural cliff-side walkways to form the only overland approach to a hidden Vault. In the demise of their civilisation, they resorted to leaving their Guardians behind as insurance that nobody would ever open the Vault.


Commandant Steele has taken the Vault key and led her forces to this inhospitable place. Forcing their way through the area, they have encountered a strong resistance from a number of Guardians and the resulting conflict has resulted in bodies piling up on both sides. The pursuit of Steele brings the main characters into this fray and has them battling against both the Crimson Lance and the Guardians as they struggle up the slopes to intercept Steele before she opens the Vault.


Points of Interest

  • There are medical and ammunition Vending Machines in the south-east corner of Eridian Promontory, by the Fast Travel point. These are the only vending machines in the promontory.
  • Plentiful cover offered by the broken rocks allows numerous places to recharge shields when fighting enemies.
  • There are a number of weapons crates and ammo caches scattered throughout the area.

Weapon Crates

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  • The Crimson Lance will disappear after the mission Find Steele has been completed, leaving Guardians as the only enemies to face on the promontory. The two factions are hostile to each other until the Crimson Lance are removed, which can assist with a tactic of simply running through the area as the enemy types fight amongst themselves.
  • Snowfall and lighting effects in the Eridian Promontory make this area one of the most system intensive places in Borderlands. Some players will experience elevated GPU temperatures, or even graphics pauses while playing here.


  • A promontory is a high rock formation which looks over a lower mass of land or a body of water.
  • It snows perpetually in the Promontory, which is in stark contrast to the weather in the rest of Pandora.
  • The corpse of the Rakk Hive can be seen from the northernmost ridge of the Eridian Promontory.