The Eridian Lightning is the Eridian equivalent of a Sniper Rifle. As with the other Eridian weapons, it technically has an infinite amount of ammo, but a limited number of continuous shots.

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Special Weapon Effects

"I feel like I'm gonna break this thing." - An Eridian Lightning fires a bolt of energy that continuously deals powerful shock damage to the target for a short period of time.

Usage & Description

The Lightning has, unlike many other Eridian weapons, very good raw stats. It also has extremely powerful elemental damage that can electrocute targets in just a few shots. Though Shock damage is typically weak against flesh, the Lightning works well even against unshielded enemies. The drawback to the Lightning, like many Eridian weapons, is that it has a small "magazine" and recharges rather slowly. This drawback limits its effectiveness in heavy combat situations, and limits it to mid-to-long range combat, the latter being made more difficult due to its low scope magnification. Having two Eridian weapons equipped at the same time can offset the issue of its capacity slightly, giving one weapon time to recharge while the other is being fired. 

Unlike most other weapons in the game, the lightning bolt fired by this rifle hits its target instantaneously (making it the weapon with the fastest 'projectile' velocity in the game). Therefore, the compensation required when shooting at distant moving targets with a slower moving projectile is significantly reduced. It also has virtually no recoil, so the gun can be fired rapidly without having to compensate for recoil throwing off accuracy. As with other Eridian weapons, the character's movement speed is slightly reduced with this gun in hand.


All versions of this gun have the same accuracy (98.3) and fire rate (2.5), and seem to always appear with scopes. Damage is tied to the gun's level requirement and body type (see Eridian gun variations). The number of shots is dependent on the magazine of the gun (see Eridian Magazines). Eridian Lightnings appear to use 35 units of magazine energy per shot, which leads to an effective magazine capacity of 3 to 6 shots before recharging.

Base level requirement Damage
Body type 1 Other body types
19 182 197
28 274 296
37 374 404
46 481 520
49 519 560
55 543 643
56 608 657
57 621 671
58 634 685
59 658 699
60 661 714
61 674 728
63 757
66 742 801
67 755 816
68 769 831


The flavor text, "I feel like I'm gonna break this thing." is an almost direct quote from Will Smith's character in Men In Black when he is first given the Noisy Cricket, a laughably small gun which later proves to be enormously powerful.

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