The Eridian Glob Gun is one of four corrosive Eridian weapons introduced with the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

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Special Weapon Effects

"I think you have something on your shoe." - Shoots a visible arcing projectile, erupts into acid upon contact.


  • The Glob Gun is the lowest form of the Eridian corrosive rifles, and is usually of green rarity. The other three are the Splat Gun, the Rolling Spatter Gun, and the Stampeding Spatter Gun. The Glob Gun uses 15 units of magazine energy per shot, giving it a magazine capacity of 6 to 14 shots when fully charged.


Base level requirement Damage
Body type 1 Other body types
31 133 219
40 177
46 246
54 252
56 263
57 269
60 286
67 327

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