The Eridian Firebomb is one of three incendiary Eridian weapons introduced with the third DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

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Special Weapon Effects

"Bad is Good, BABY!" – Shoots an invisible arcing projectile, ignites and splits into three upon contact.

Usage & Description

The Firebomb, like the Lightning and Thunder Storm, is an Eridian weapon with extreme elemental damage. While its stats are underwhelming at first glace, the Firebomb's strength lies in its elemental effect. Its elemental damage can rival a Hellfire or a Firehawk and can incinerate enemies in just a few shots. Like many Eridian weapons, the Firebomb has a small "magazine" and a slow fire rate. These drawbacks may limit its effectiveness in heavy combat situations. Having two Eridian weapons equipped at the same time can offset these handicaps slightly. This can give one weapon time to recharge while the other is being fired. The Firebomb can be difficult to aim as well because the shot cannot be seen to judge the trajectory.


  • The Firebomb is the most powerful of the Eridian incendiary rifles. The other two are the Flaregun and the Fireball.


  • The red text is a reference to the character "The Evil Midnight Bomber" from the animated cartoon The Tick. One of the lines from the character is, "Bad is good, baby!" [1]

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