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Eridian Fabricator is a legendary weapon in Borderlands 3 manufactured by the Eridians. It is obtained from the mission Footsteps of Giants located in Desolation's Edge, on Nekrotafeyo.

Special Weapon Effects

  • The standard firing mode fires 10 guns of green to purple rarity at the cost of 10 Eridium.
  • The alternate firing mode fires 1-4 different legendary or mission unique weapons at the cost of 250 Eridium.

Usage & Description

The Eridian Fabricator is a useful source of weapons, provided the Vault Hunter has sufficient eridium, which is deducted from their balance when the weapon is fired.


  • Weapons created by the Fabricator are scaled to the character's level, and may have anointments.
    • DLC weapons cannot be created, regardless if the character owns them.
  • Prior to completing Footsteps of Giants, the Vault Hunter can speak with Typhon DeLeon and pay him 1 Eridium to use the Fabricator for one random weapon from common to Legendary rarity.
  • The following legendary and unique mission weapons cannot be generated by the Fabricator:
  • The Eridian Fabricator was given its alternate firing mode in the patch on 7/23/2020.
  • The Eridian Fabricator can have weapon skins applied to it, but a bug prevents them from displaying.


  • The Eridian Fabricator is sometimes referred to as the "Gun Gun" in fan circles due to being a gun that shoots guns. The phrase is first coined by Typhon DeLeon in-game.
  • The Eridian Fabricator has a unique pickup sound that resembles chimes. This can only be heard by placing it on the weapon wall in Sanctuary III and then picking it up.