The Equalizer is a legendary revolver manufactured by Tediore.

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Special Weapon Effects

Unending Firepower – Ammo regeneration.

Usage & Description

Like all Tediore Legendary weapons, the Equalizer is capable of regenerating ammo when equipped. It is of decent quality, but not spectacular. That said, elemental equalizers are useful for fighting enemies that are vulnerable to that element, because revolvers will always proc 1x at minimum and the equalizer will never run out of ammunition. It can also be extremely useful when fighting bosses with large amounts of health, as it deals average damage and will not run out of ammo.


  • The Equalizer is one of the more common orange gun drops in the game.
  • The name may be a reference to the Colt 45 Single Action Army revolver, often nicknamed the "Equalizer".
  • Like all revolvers, the Equalizer may spawn with a scope, and or an accessory (blade, elemental, or masher).


The Equalizer effect, like that of all Tediore legendaries, comes from its body, here body3_tediore_Equalizer. It is greatly superior to the standard body3, but roughly equivalent to a standard body5, as is usually the case with Tediore. For an explanation of the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

body3 body5
Damage: +25%
Fire Rate: +30%
Recoil: -30%
Tech Level: +4
Ammo Regen
Damage: -15%
Fire Rate: +30%
Recoil: -30%
Tech Level: +3
Damage: +20%
Fire Rate: +50%
Recoil: -20%
Tech Level: +1

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