Enter the Claptrap is a main storyline mission in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Meet Jack in Deck 13½
  • Enter digistruct pad
  • Pick up admin password
  • Initiate CL4P-TP simulation
  • Enter CL4P-TP simulation
  • Get to Nexus
  • Follow Claptrap's Consciousness
  • Talk to SYS_ADMIN
  • Hand in admin password
  • Extract H-Source from Claptrap's code


This mission is given to the Vault Hunters automatically upon visiting Deck 13 1/2 for the first time. The Vault Hunters meet Handsome Jack there and discover that Jack is after a data package called the "H-Source," which has been hidden inside Claptrap's mind by Harold Tassiter. The H-Source is rumored to contain top-secret Hyperion research and technology, and Jack believes it will bring him great power.

To extract the H-Source, Jack creates a simulation of Claptrap's mind and digitizes the Vault Hunters inside of it. The Vault Hunters pick up an admin password which should gain them access to the system, and proceed to The Nexus. They meet Claptrap's Consciousness, who offers to lead them to SYS_ADMIN to use the password. The Vault Hunters fight through some bugs in Claptrap's software on the way. SYS_ADMIN accepts the admin password from the Vault Hunters, and says that the H-Source is currently in Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4, but has been marked as "Do Not Remove" by Tassiter. It revokes the password, leaving the Vault Hunters, Jack, and Claptrap to come up with a different plan.


Turn In: Claptrap's Consciousness

"You've been digitized and sent into a simulation of Claptrap's mind to look for a file that Jack wants. Just another job."


  • Mission Items:
    • Admin Password - "Login: admin/password"


  • The mission title is a reference to the 1973 classic kung fu movie Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee.

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