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Enrique is a Badass fire skag that the Vault Hunters are sent by Tiny Tina to take for a walk in the mission Walking the Dog, as part of their "training." Upon his release he will instantly start chasing after the Vault Hunters. The mission requires running (or driving) through several waypoints while Enrique gives chase. At the same time, the bikers will attack Enrique forcing the Vault Hunters to defend the skag and prevent him from dying. If Enrique dies, the mission will fail.



Tina's dialogue concerning Enrique:

  • "Keep moving, keep movin' those legs and you'll do fine."
  • "You're doin good, just don't look back." (if the player looks behind them to see Enrique is only a few feet away) "I SAID DON'T LOOK BACK AAAAAAGGGGHHH."
  • At the end if Enrique is struck while he is sleeping, Tina will say "Hey easy! You strikin' my pet while he sleepin? Thats cold girl."
  • After Enrique returns to his pen at the end he can be killed without failing the mission. Upon his death Tiny Tina will scream, "ENRIQUEEEEEEE! WHYYYYY?! __ Well, thats that. Who wants ice cream?"


  • After the mission is completed, Enrique will not appear in his cage despite it being closed.
  • Tiny Tina calls Enrique her pet made evident by his pet collar and how his cage has his name on a sign.
  • The game may crash if Enrique is killed before the cage is open.