Echo Athena

Athena's ECHO recording

Engorge is a male enhancement product presumably sold on Pandora. In The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Athena sends the player ECHO communicators piggybacked on commercials for Engorge so as to hide them from Atlas. Although the product is mentioned, players never actually encounter any of the substance.


  • Do you ever feel like you are just firing blanks? Do the ladies in your life find your gun a little short on fire power? You need ENGORGE! by Atlas! ENGORGE! will have you firing on all --static--
  • Tired of shooting a carbine when you really want a rifle? Try ENGORGE! and you'll be firing automatically, fully-automatic, on all cylinders!
  • ENGORGE!!!
  • Haven't you tried ENGORGE! yet? What's stopping you? Side effects? Are a few seeping boils going to stop you from satisfying the woman you could never obtain? It's time to try ENGORGE! And you'll be seeing...
  • ENGORGE! The only product ever to be personally endorsed by notorious ladies man, Mr. Shank.
  • Yeah so this shit is tits guys. You should see what my bitch thinks of me now. His-HER name is Chaz-MINA uh and she... -Mr. Shank
  • Maybe it's time you should see Dr. Zed about ENGORGE! He'll prescribe to almost anyone and hell, he's not even a doctor!
Dr F Engorge


  • Engorge may be a reference to Viagra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.
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