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The Engineer is Hyperion's front line human troop unit in Borderlands 2. They are common in the city of Opportunity, apparently being involved with the construction work there, and are also deployed in various Hyperion installations.


Engineers are equipped with heavy duty construction equipment that they frequently use as weapons when the need arises. The most obvious is the powerful robotic exoskeleton they wear. This can be used directly to deliver blows, or used to tear up pieces of ground to use as thrown missiles. At moderately close ranges engineers will activate cutting lasers, or deploy small destructive charges from emitters protruding from their backpacks. To close distance with their targets their equipment affords them with a powered leap that can launch them incredible distances. Presumably because of their exoskeletons, the game considers Engineers to be Armoured rather than Flesh targets; they have a yellow health bar rather than red.  Because of this, corrosive elemental weapons should be used against them, instead of fire.



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  • Engineers' helmets can be shot off.

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