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Enforcers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are first encountered at the Lectra City on Promethea. They are large, muscular COV troopers wielding shotguns and truck doors as shields.



Enforcers are tough and dangerous foes with shields covering most of their bodies, leaving only their feet and weapon-wielding arm exposed.

There are several ways to dispatch them fairly quickly with minimal danger to the Vault Hunters. Well placed shots at the weapon-wielding arm will make them flinch and move their shield away, giving enough time for several shots. Aiming a shotgun at the ground right in front of them will ricochet pellets and force them to flinch. Another method is to quickly get into melee range then step back while Enforcer tries to melee with his shield. This leaves his whole body fully exposed for several shots. Enforcers also tend to stop their attack and start performing a bravado display which leaves them exposed and vulnerable for several seconds. As they never wear shields, they are vulnerable to Incendiary damage.

Enforcers have a chance to throw their shield at the Vault Hunter they are firing at. This shield can deal a sizable amount of damage to the character it strikes, but its flight is relatively slow, so it can be dodged. They can then be treated much like a Bruiser afterwards.


  • Don't say I never gave you nothing! (Tossing grenade)


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