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Eleven Rakk And Spices is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Marcus.


"That's why you don't date crazy. After having his heart broken, Marcus needs some comfort food: Captain Sanders' Famous Pandora Fried Rakk! Find 11 pieces of rakk-trap meat and 11 spice plants in Sanders Gorge for the Captain's famous secret recipe."



Eleven Rakk And Spices

Video walkthrough


Bring Marcus some fresh rakk meat and spices.
  • Fresh rakk meat: 0/11
  • Spice plants: 0/11


Fry spice plant

Select this as the active mission in the mission log while in Sander's Gorge and the HUD will display the location of all the spice plants (A new mission marker will appear as each plant is collected). Eventually, the markers lead to an open area with several rakk hovering near an opening in the cave ceiling. Destroying them will yield rakk meat. Pressing on through the gorge and into the more industrialized area, there is another such open area where there are some spice plants to collect and some more rakk to kill.

Since General Knoxx-Trap will have already been killed at this point, players may take the "back" way into the complex by traversing the drawbridge that was lowered in their first visit. Knoxx will respawn, but if players have entered the room adjacent to the large circular area through the west door, they may get blocked out. If this happens, they can follow the path around to the south where a previously locked door should now be open, granting access to the large compound area with a few sets of stairs and Hyperion soldier-traps. There is no need to kill Knoxx again to complete this mission.


"One extra-large bucket of Pandora Fried Rakk coming up!"


  • Text on Mission items:
    • Zesty Spices: Zesty spices help make the perfect batter.
    • Fresh Rakk Meat: Freshly butchered rakk both dark and light meat.
  • Cluck-Trap will appear in the first open area that the HUD leads to while collecting Spice plants if Finger Lickin' Bad! is active.