Elephant Gun is a Unique sniper rifle manufactured by Jakobs. The Elephant Gun can be obtained as a rare drop from Arizona.

Special Weapon Effects

Hated by large numbers of people. – Extremely high damage output. Always spawns without a scope. Very low fire rate.

Usage & Description

The Elephant Gun is an excellent weapon for players who like an extremely high powered and accurate rifle and don't mind sacrificing reload speed, rate of fire, and magazine size. Like the Buffalo, it is a scopeless sniper so it may take some time getting used to. It also lacks iron sights making it difficult to judge whether a shot is aimed properly or not. If one is skilled enough this weapon can be devastating in medium- to long-range combat, easily able to take out many lesser enemies with one critical hit. Care must be taken with this weapon at anything below medium-range as its low rate of fire and slow reload speed make it undesirable in close combat.


  • Interestingly, the Elephant Gun has a unique weapon body, a feature only a select few weapons share.
  • This gun is a reference to the original Borderlands' Whitting's Elephant Gun, in the same vein as the Buffalo. The lack of scope made it difficult to use for many (thus "hated"), but those who mastered it could use its power to devastating effect.
  • This weapon may also refer to George Orwell's short story, Shooting an Elephant, in which the protagonist is a British soldier stationed in Lower Burma. There, the people hate him, as he hates them. The story revolves around a particular instance in which the people force him to shoot an escaped elephant to death with an elephant gun, a high powered rifle made specifically for this purpose.
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