Elephant Gun is an unique aftermarket sniper rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Jakobs. The Elephant Gun can be obtained as a rare drop from Arizona.

Special Weapon Effects

Hated by large numbers of people. – Extremely high damage output. Always spawns without a scope. Very low fire rate.

Usage & Description

The Elephant Gun is a sniper rifle with an abnormally high damage output, and an extremely low reload speed and fire rate. Unusually for a sniper rifle, the Elephant Gun lacks a scope, so it may be difficult to land a critical shot. The rifle also lacks accurate iron sights, further increasing the difficulty to snipe. This weapon can be devastating in medium to long-range combat, easily able to kill a lesser enemy with a critical hit, however, at close range, the fire rate restricts the weapon's usefulness.


  • The extremely slow fire rate of this sniper can be offset by Zer0's reload speed bonus gained from Legendary Hunter and At 0ne with the Gun, making it ideal for 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill.
  • When aiming down the sights during Decepti0n, the crosshair that appears is a noticeable distance above the muzzle. This can lead to inaccuracy if the player uses the top of the muzzle as an aiming point.
  • Axton's Ready and Pressure skills reduce the Elephant Gun's long reload time, and his Metal Storm skill improves the fire rate of the weapon.


  • The Elephant Gun has a unique weapon body, a feature only a select few weapons share.
  • This gun is a reference to Whitting's Elephant Gun in Borderlands.
  • During the fight to liberate the lodge in the mission Savage Lands, Sir Hammerlock has the Elephant Gun holstered on his back and uses it to support the Vault Hunters as they get rid of the savages.