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Eleanor Olmstead is an NPC in Guns, Love, and Tentacles. She serves as the main antagonist of the DLC and the leader of the Bonded.


Prior to being consumed by the influence of Gythian, Eleanor was part of a research team alongside her husband, Vincent.



Eleanor is fought as the final boss of the DLC campaign, alongside her husband as The Heart. The duo are found at the end of Heart's Desire and share a health bar. She hovers in the arena and has several attack patterns:

  • She will prepare five purple shards above her head, before firing them at the player one by one. These shards explode on contact.
  • She will summon several Bonded to fight the player. These can be used for Second Winds.
  • She will fly through a portal, momentarily retreating from battle.
  • She will cast red beams towards her Bonded, draining their health and eventually killing them. Eleanor will use their health to create a large spherical projectile, which will be fired and cause a damaging shockwave on the ground. This is highlighted by a red circle on the ground.

Once a third of the duo's health is depleted, Vincent will insist on fighting the Vault Hunter as well, and Eleanor will allow The Heart to participate while she sits back. The arena will fill with blood from then onwards.

Once the duo's health bar is depleted to 1/3 of maximum, Eleanor will attack in tandem with The Heart as a pair.

Upon defeat, Eleanor will fall, defeated. The arena will then drain of blood. When defeated the first time, Vincent will fall out of the heart and crawl towards the defeated Eleanor, sharing a last romantic moment before they both succumb to their injuries, passing on together.


During Combat

  • Eternal is our pledge!
  • I will show you such terrors!
  • Your walls will fall in time!
  • You done this to yourself!
  • [Laughter]
  • We are forgotten by death!

Absorbing Energy

  • Lend me your power, Gythian!

On Death

  • It was supposed to be... eternity..."
  • No... my darling Vincent...


  • Eleanor's absorbing beam can be blocked by Zane's Barrier.