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Elder Wraiths are a type of ranged Guardian that spawns exclusively in The Forgotten Basilica during The Rampager fight.



  • Elder Wraiths and Elder Spectres spawn for the sole purpose of acting as second winds during The Rampager fight.
  • Elder Wraiths are ranged guardians that have less health than Wraiths. They also lack the ability to should beam projectiles or hurl disc grenades. They do not backflip away and instead walk fast.
  • Elder Wraiths have the following attacks:
    • Spear Throw - hurls its spear that creates a small shock explosion on impact.
    • Jump Smash - jumps and smashes the ground on impact.
    • Swing - slashes with its staff.
  • As Elder Wraiths only have a shield health bar, they are weak to shock damage.


  • Elder Wraiths are identical in appearance to Wraiths.
  • As no spirits spawn in The Forgotten Basilica, Elder Wraiths cannot be possessed.