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Elder Spectres are a type of guardian that spawns exclusively in The Forgotten Basilica during The Rampager fight.



  • Elder Spectres and Elder Wraiths spawn for the sole purpose of acting as second winds during The Rampager fight.
  • Elder Spectres are melee-focused guardians that have less health than Spectres and move slower, but have all of the same moves and have a unique sword throw as a ranged attack.
  • Elder Spectres have the following attacks:
    • Crossblade - performs a cross-cut with both blades.
    • Upward slash - Uppercut with a blade.
    • Lunge - quickly lunges at the target with its blades extended.
    • Somersault Slash - performs a backward somersault with its blades extended.
    • Sword throw - Tosses left sword at the player from range then regenerates sword.
  • Like all guardians, Spectres are susceptible to shock damage.


  • Elder Spectres are identical in appearance to Spectres.
  • As no spirits spawn in The Forgotten Basilica, Elder Spectres cannot be possessed.