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Eista is an NPC, mission provider, and mini-boss in Guns, Love, and Tentacles.


Eista is a big game hunter and is famous enough for the Sir Hammerlock to hear of his exploits. He used to be a tracker for an unnamed regent on another world and moved to Xylourgos in order to keep his skills sharp.


Eista is located in Skittermaw Basin leading his own tribe of hunters. The Vault Hunter first meet him when they are traveling to Negul Neshai in order to find a means to lift the curse on Wainwright Jakobs. He greets the Vault Hunter by attacking them, as is his clan's custom.

There is a series of three side missions given by Eista, titled We Slass!, in which Eista instructs the Vault Hunter to retrieve various items from around the planet to improve his ability to fight.



  • When fighting Eista during his introduction, he operates like a Badass Psycho in combat.
  • Eista will behave like a Goliath. If enraged, and with subsequent kills, Eista will evolve and receive a name prefix in the following order: Raging > Super Raging > Mega Raging > Ultimate Raging > Godly. His level will increase as expected. Higher ranks appear to drop a larger amount of loot and money.


  • The name Eista comes from the Icelandic word for testicles, referencing to the true nature of Kife.