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Eggcellent Opportunity! is an optional mission in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned that becomes available on Jakobs Cove Bounty Board after Is The Doctor In? is complete.


"Markus here. Would you believe it? I found a market for rotten, stinky undead bird eggs. Some crazy bandits in the east think they are some sort of delicacy. As I like to say, there is always opportunity! I hear the crusty corpse eaters like to nest on coastline. If you get me a shipment of eggs, I'll pay you handsomely."



Eggcellent Opportunity!

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Get Markus a shipment of corpse eater eggs.
  • Eggs: 0/25


Plenty of Corpse Eaters will be encountered in the coastal areas of Jakobs Cove and Generally Hospital. Simply kill any Corpse Eater in sight, as they all have a chance to drop an egg. Be sure not to kill them while they are flying over the out of bounds area or the eggs will be inaccessible. Mordecai's Bloodwing and Lilith's Phoenix ability can be used to fell flocks of Corpse Eaters very quickly with minimal effort. A Shotgun or Anarchy SMG will also make quick work of the Corpse Eaters due to their high projectile count, making it easier to take down multiple Corpse Eaters.


"Be sure to seal the box really tight. I don't want to have to smell those things. Enjoy your payment."


  • Text of Bloodwing Egg item: Ham would complete this pungent delicacy.


  • The item card is a probable reference to Dr. Seuss' 'Green eggs and Ham'.