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Egg on Your Face is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt to collect a number of drifter eggs, and then deal with Arizona, the drifter that laid them.



  • Collect drifter eggs: 0/23
  • Kill Arizona


Drifter eggs are scattered throughout Hunter's Grotto. These can be collected at any time by a character on foot, and after twenty-three have been acquired, Dietmar ECHOs information that the drifter that laid them will need to be dealt with.

Arizona is located in a cave below the level of the lake behind the Hunter's Grotto Fast Travel. To reach the cave one must first take the tunnel through to the lake, and then press through territory occupied by savages. An elevator marks the way down into a deep canyon that the cave opens upon.

Arizona emerges from the yellow pool when approached. It attacks by flinging globs of sludge that burst on impact and then coat the target area with a burning effect that lasts for several seconds. These globs may be avoided by using the elevator for shelter. Another solution is to stand in the lake and shoot up at it, as it will not fire back!

Hunter's Grotto Map

The location of all of the eggs


"The quest was hard, but you made it seem OVER EASY.


  • Eggs do not respawn, so 23 individual locations must be discovered, but this may be done over any number of gaming sessions.


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