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A primeval wilderness, left mostly untrampled by the boots of industry. The Jakobs Corporation seems content to share reign with the wildlife, only settling the planet enough to support the logging operations that supply Jakobs weapons their fine wooden features. Travel-review ECHOnet sites has described Eden-6 as "moist" and "aaah, it's got my leg".
— In-game description

Eden-6 is the sixth moon of the gas giant Eden. It is a lush, humid world that teems with life, and the headquarters of the Jakobs corporation. Jakobs decided to refrain from developing Eden-6 and leave the environment mostly untouched aside from the infrastructure for its logging industry, which provides the signature wood used in Jakobs' weapons.


Eden-6 is the home planet of the Jakobs Corporation and plays an important role in the main story. Being mainly that of a large swamp, Eden-6 has many dangerous creatures such as Saurians, large dinosaur-like creatures. Throughout the planet many parts of the swamp have partially buried ship parts. These are the wrecks of what was nearly an entire fleet of armed colony ships that once had the first generations of the Jakobs company. Much of the areas are littered with ship engines, thrusters and wrecked hulls. The Planet is extremely rich in both oil and wood as there are oil pump jacks and a large lumber milling system. The Inhabitant of the planet are primarily backwater hillbilly's and swampfolk.