Echoes of the Past is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed at Mt. Scarab Research Center.


"You've found one of Colonel Hector's ECHOs. Give them a listen and see what you can dig up on New Pandora's roots. Unfortunately, it seems like he scattered them all around. What a jerk."

"This is Colonel Hector of the Dahl One Hundred Ninety First. Corporate command has recognized our sacrifices and promised us a backwater station, far from any battle theaters. Got the location of our new post today. Brass says it's a "paradise". The planet's name is Pandora. Sounds nice."



  • Locate first ECHO
  • Locate second ECHO
  • Locate third ECHO



"This is where we die. There was a cave-in a couple of days ago. Boys still think a rescue's coming. Didn't have the heart to tell em that cave-in was no accident. A few boys went rabid already, had to put them down. I'm the only thing keeping the 191 together. Those sackless pissrugs broke their promise. Well I won't. These men have earned their keep. I'm gonna get them their paradise. No matter the cost."
"Whaat, Dahl abandoned their emplyees on an inhospitable wasteland AGAIN? What are the odds?"

Turn In: Lost ECHO


  • Mission item: Lost Hector ECHO - "Backstory, ho!"



"We're almost to Pandora. I'll miss the thrill of the fight... the tidal pool massacre on Junpai-7, pushing back them a-holes from Scala Mirte on Eden-6... but it's for the good of my men. Happy bastards can't stop clamoring about paradise. Green hills. Potable water. Not being clawed to death... Shoot, I'm starting to believe it myself. Pandora, here we come!"


"If this is Paradise, then I'm a one-armed jabbermon scratching my ass at the moon. The moment we stepped foot on this shitheap planet Dahl formally transferred the 191 to a mining crew beneath Mount Scarab. Not paradise, but we'll make due. Boys were about ready to start a war with their own, but I told em that mining's better than dying. Wish I believed that."


"Tide's turning! Finally, some luck. One of my boys found a shiny alien trinket. Showed it to the Brass. They promised us all promotions and big plots of land! I went back and told the men. They couldn't contain themselves! Why, we cracked open some rations and had ourselves a good old time! We was like a bunch of jabbermon drunk on stalk wine hollerin' in the new day!"



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