Eager to Impress is a tier 2 passive skill in FL4K's Stalker skill tree. This skill reduces the cooldown of FL4K's Action Skill whenever they kill an enemy. If their pet kills an enemy, the cooldown is reduced by a greater amount, and the cooldown of FL4K's Attack Command is refreshed.


  • Pet Kill Cooldown Time: -0.5 seconds per rank
  • FL4K Kill Cooldown Time: -0.25 seconds per rank

Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Pet Kill Cooldown Time -0.5s -1.0s -1.5s -2.0s -2.5s
FL4K Kill Cooldown Time -0.25s -0.5s -0.75s -1.0s -1.25s


FL4K skills
Master Stalker Hunter
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