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EXP Loaders (pronounced "exploders") are Hyperion robots that function as suicide bombers.


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When they get within range of a target, they raise their power core, break into a run, and attempt to close distance with the target. When they reach the target they stand still and emit a large, distinctive pulse before exploding; however potential victims can avoid the detonation simply by walking backwards from the loader. They are substantially less durable than other loaders, and have critical hit points on all four limbs and the power core, once it is exposed. EXP Loaders always explode when destroyed, regardless of whether or not their power core is raised. Shooting the leg is preferred over the arm due to their close-range attack nature, although an EXP loader crippled in this manner can still pose a threat by crawling along the ground. EXP Loaders cannot be repaired by surveyors and do not target crippled characters.

As Hyperion is an allied faction in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, EXP Loaders will not attack the Vault Hunters. They are first introduced in the optional mission Things That Go Boom. Subsequent visits to the Lunar Launching Station allows a FIX Loader to be converted into an EXP Loader. EXP Loaders are effective against frozen enemies and can attack targets in mid-air.

Notable EXP Loaders


  • In Borderlands 2, destroying an EXP Loader contributes to the Load and Lock challenge in the enemies challenge list.
  • An EXP Loader's explosion harm both enemies and allies alike. This can be easily observed in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and in Borderlands 2, it is also possible for an EXP Loader to destroy nearby loaders when it detonates.

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