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ECHOnet Neutrality is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Devil's Razor - Roland's Rest Bounty Board.


"Help remove a device that's throttling some of the local's ECHOnet devices so Edgren can get at all the sweet, sweet memes."



  • Talk to Edgren
  • Go to ECHO Repeater Center
  • Locate UG-THAK
  • Destroy UG-THAK
  • Kill COV
  • Open tubes (5)
  • Destroy UG-THAK
  • Talk to Edgren



"Thanks, Vault Hunter! I'm gonna make so much frickin' money on cryptocoin! So hey, how about you take all this paper money? I'm certainly not gonna need it anymore! Ha-HA!"

Turn In: Edgren


  • Mission item: Dynasty Meal
  • One of the COV spawn points, a raised container with a darkened opening, has an occasional bug that can trap the bandit spawning there, rendering the unit untouchable and block mission progress. The mission spawns will be reset after logging out and returning to the area, allowing for the mission to proceed.


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  • The name ECHOnet neutrality references net neutrality, a principle that internet service providers should treat all internet communications equally.
  • Similar to the mission Raiders of the Lost Rock, UG-THAK and "Lord of Skags" is a reference to the Borderlands 2 side mission Claptrap's Secret Stash, in which Claptrap tasks the character with defeating Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags.
  • The Becho wafers mentioned by NPC after finishing the mission are a callback to the mission Claptocurrency where Claptrap invents a new cryptocurrency.

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