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ECHO command console

The ECHOnet is a system of communication across the greater plain of Pandora. It is mainly wireless, requiring only a personal HUD unit, provided to new arrivals by the Dahl Corporation.


The ECHOnet is used by many of the inhabitants on Pandora, and a transmitter/receiver is even built into each of the local CL4P-TP units. The ECHOnet was under the maintenance of a small group of individuals, although vital satellite uplinks for it are in one of the Crimson Lance's installations.

Transmissions, mission briefings and mission updates are often received over the ECHOnet. In most of these cases the ECHO screen will have an icon graphic of an NPC in the upper right corner with a stylised reel-to-reel tape image under it. In rare cases the icon graphic will be a garbled mess instead, and in the case of transmissions from the Guardian Angel they consist of fully animated and static-laced close ups.

Exposition of the ECHOnet is given when the Get Some Answers mission is accepted. At this point Commandant Steele orders the complete shutdown of the ECHOnet, which cuts off Helena Pierce in mid-transmission and blocks the Guardian Angel's ability to see events unfold.

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  • Patricia Tannis is reputed to have had a hand in establishing the ECHOnet to the state it appears in during the story.
  • It is revealed by Helena Pierce in the Smoke Signals: Investigate Old Haven that the bandits on Pandora don't have free access to the ECHOnet like the civilians of the planet. It is most likely that the Dahl Corporation took this measure to disorganize the rebelling convicts. This is also why the bandits in Old Haven need smoke signals to call for help.

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