ECHO-2 is a unique grenade mod in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Tediore. It is obtained randomly from any loot source but has a higher chance of being obtained from Mouthpiece and the Tinks Hijinx slot machine when a legendary grenade mod is won.

Special Weapon Effects

Do not throw ECHO-2
Do not hold ECHO-2 close to face.
Do not look directly at ECHO-2. – Appears as an ECHO device. Significantly increased damage and fuse time. Only explodes after a set duration.

Usage & Description

The ECHO-2 is one of the strongest grenades in the game in terms of base damage, making it very effective damage-wise. However, it has a very long fuse time and only explodes after a set time, making it difficult to use in general combat.

This grenade favors a "throw and forget" style of use; users can simply toss one at a high-traffic location to allow the ECHO-2 to explode on its own. It is also excellent for stationary targets.


  • The ECHO-2 has fixed parts, so the only potential differences between any two ECHO-2s are Anointments that may spawn.
  • Despite having a white rarity, the ECHO-2 is treated as a legendary grenade mod in the game files.
  • As a side effect of its white rarity, the ECHO-2 can be rather hard to notice due to how easily a player can glance over it alongside ammo pickups and weak common weapons.


  • The ECHO-2 is a callback to the beginning of the game when Claptrap gives the Vault Hunters their ECHO-3 and explains that they rebranded the prior model as grenades due to their explosive nature.
  • Despite the ECHO communicators being a Dahl product, and the grenade mod being visually branded with Dahl's logo, it is classified as a Tediore grenade mod.
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