E-GUN is a unique laser in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission Sub-Level 13: Part 2 located in Sub-Level 13, if the fast travel console is repaired.

Special Weapon Effects

Kills ghosts, apparently. – Increased continuous damage. Always deals non-elemental damage. Fixed weapon parts. No movement speed penalty when aiming down sights. Increased effectiveness against flesh (higher than Incendiary weapons) but ineffective against armor/shields.

Usage & Description

The E-Gun is the only laser weapon to benefit from bonuses affecting non-elemental damage. Additionally, an important effect of the E-Gun is that it is the only weapon capable of damaging the ghosts encountered during the Sub-Level 13 mission, which is required for the bonus objective of killing 5 ghosts.

In exchange for a lack of elemental effect, the E-GUN forfeits the ability to have a damage-over-time effect, is heavily resisted by shields and armor, and does not receive bonuses for elemental damage. However, the E-GUN is much stronger against flesh enemies than an equivalent incendiary weapon, dealing roughly 170% damage to flesh targets in Normal mode, and 200% in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. In comparison, an incendiary weapon only deals 150% damage on Normal mode, and 175% on True Vault Hunter Mode/Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. Additionally, as the E-GUN has no damage-over-time effect, it does not lose any of its damage potential when used in a vacuum.


  • A mission weapon version of the E-GUN is given when Sub-Level 13: Part 2 is active.
    • The mission and reward versions of the E-GUN will have identical stats.
  • In the game code, all parts of the E-GUN have the _Egun suffix and are referred to as Maliwan-made.
    • However, visually it has a Maliwan body, Dahl barrel and stock, Tediore grip, no sight, and a unique skin.
    • The passive recoil reduction of the Dahl barrel is still present and can be observed when compared to common Beam lasers.
  • The E-GUN behaves as a beam barreled laser, both technically and visually.
  • Showdown greatly reduces the E-Gun's strong recoil.
  • While the E-GUN is more effective against flesh enemies, fire-resistant enemies will not be resistant to it as it does not deal incendiary damage. This makes it an effective counter to fire-based flesh enemies such as fire-elemental guardians or kraggons.
  • The E-GUN works with Nisha's The Unforgiven skill and triggers explosions at the end of Showdown. The beam will not, however, ricochet from enemy to enemy.
  • The E-GUN does not work with Nisha's Hot Lead or Magnificent Six despite being non-elemental.
    • The battery color of this laser (which represents its element) is red, matching the ones found on incendiary weapons. It is possible that E-GUN's element (Laser_Elemental_Egun) is a modified version of the incendiary element that has the same strengths and weaknesses against enemies but with a different damage type, thus the bonus is unable to affect it.
  • The E-GUN has a unique voice module that can only be heard during the missions involving it.
  • The line 'Can kill ghosts, apparently' is added as one of the bullet points on the gun, listing it as an actual bonus to the weapon's stats.
    • This doesn't change the weapon's usage as Ghosts do not appear after Sub-Level 13: Part 2 is completed.


  • You can't hurt them! Shoot the junction box on the wall, it's the only way!
  • No time to explain! I'm in the vent!
  • The ECHO explains it all!
  • Impressive! I actually work on those things!
  • Are you experiencing feelings of dread? I know I am.


  • The E-GUN is a reference to Ghostbusters:
    • It fires a continuous orange beam weapon that is very effective against ghosts, similar to the Proton pack.
    • E-GUN is a homophone of "Dr. Egon Spengler", the creator of the proton pack.
    • It is branded with a No symbol, reminiscent of the Ghostbusters logo.
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