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Dynasty Diner is an optional mission in Borderlands 3. It is given by Lorelei in the Meridian Metroplex after the completion of Rise and Grind.

Supply lines are important in a war. Double especially important when burgers are involved.
— In-game description


"Beau needs you to help get the Dynasty Diner up and running again so he can start feeding the refugees. Help him, help you, with burgers...
Delicious, meaty burgers."



  • Locate Beau
  • Retake Diner
  • Enter employee area
  • Make Dynasty meal
  • Kill ratch larva 0/3
  • Kill Ratch Nest
  • Collect ratch meat
  • Return to Dynasty Diner
  • Place ratch meat on digiscanner
  • Spawn Burger Bot
  • Follow Burger BOT
  • Clear Burger BOT's path
  • Follow Burger BOT
  • Clear Burger BOT's path
  • Follow Burger BOT
  • Kill Archer Rowe and friends
  • Grab Dynasty meal
  • Return to Lorelei



Turn In: Lorelei


  • Mission items:
    • Ratch Meat
    • Dynasty Meal
  • After completion of this mission, Burger Bots can be found spawning around the Meridian Metroplex. When talked to, they will hand the player a burger, which functions as a Rejuvenator health pack that regenerates health for 20 seconds.

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