Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

Help Beau deliver his signature Dynasty Burgers to ravenous customers on Eden-6. And FAST!
— In-game description


"Beau is expanding the Dynasty Diner franchise into an interplanetary express delivery service! He needs a reckless, er, EXPERT driver to deliver all of the juicy burgers to his hungry customers. Time is of the essence since cold burgers are a damn tragedy!"


  • This mission can be picked up from a bounty board in Reliance.


  • Pick up delivery burgers
  • Deliver burgers: 0/5
  • with 9:00 remaining (optional)
  • with 5:00 remaining (optional)
  • with 2:30 remaining (optional)
  • Return to Beau's sign spinner
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