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Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

Help Beau deliver his signature Dynasty Burgers to ravenous customers on Eden-6. And FAST!
— In-game description


"Beau is expanding the Dynasty Diner franchise into an interplanetary express delivery service! He needs a reckless, er, EXPERT driver to deliver all of the juicy burgers to his hungry customers. Time is of the essence since cold burgers are a damn tragedy!"



  • Pick up delivery burgers
  • Deliver burgers: 0/5
    • with 9:00 remaining (optional)
    • with 5:00 remaining (optional)
    • with 2:30 remaining (optional)
  • Return to Beau's sign spinner


  • The fast travel network can be used to quickly warp around the map.
    • Use the Knotty Peak station for the delivery in the center of the map.
    • Characters can leave a vehicle on the far side of the map and use it to teleport to and from Reliance.
  • In order to complete the mission with 9 minutes remaining, signs must be destroyed to earn extra time.


  • Mission item: Dynasty Meal
  • In order to unlock the vehicle skin from this mission, all three optional objectives must be met.
  • This mission can be completed multiple times. This is useful in completing the "The Hero We Need" challenge to get optional mission objectives.
  • Exiting the zone at any time will cause the mission to fail, even if the burgers have been delivered. This can be used to restart the mission without having to wait for time to run out.

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