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Dwarves are short and stocky tunnel-dwellers in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are a race of stunted miners and inventors, notably having constructed a number of complex puzzles and traps, as well as having some powerful golems at their disposal.

While initially not hostile, the dwarves soon become enemies after the murder of their leader, King Ragnar.

Dwarf Units[]

Notable Dwarves[]


Dwarves field a relatively high proportion of ranged units in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. While at first glance they appear to have very few gunners, the other melee-orientated units soon prove to be effective long range attackers with a variety of thrown weapons. The resulting attack pattern is generally a mob of pint-sized front-line fighters charging into close range with a few thrown weapon arcing in from far corners, sometimes with a Dwarfzerker laying down covering fire from the back ranks.


Upon seeing players

  • Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho!
  • ​Everyone stop mining and start shooting!
  • You came to the wrong mine, big stuff!
  • It is the one who killed boss!
  • Least it is not a bloody creeper!
  • Why'd you have to punch our boss!


  • I will stop yer with my facial hair!
  • Time to get gory!
  • I will clean my beard with your bones!
  • Another colossus to slay!


  • Am I drunk?
  • Where the ..?
  • Rotten ninja ghost!
  • He cloaked! Where is he?

Commando's Turret

  • Commando is dropping crap!
  • Bloody turret!
  • Up yers, Commando!
  • Friggin' Autogun!
  • Look Out Turret!


  • The hell is that thing?
  • Bloody robot!
  • Robot ain't gonna make any difference!

Upon Gunzerking

  • I like this guy.
  • Get the dwarf!
  • Two guns ? Nice.


  • Let go of me!
  • Put me the hell down!

Shields down

  • I am exposed!
  • I am nuude!

Player Retreating

  • Where' chu goin'? I was having fun!
  • And bloody stay out!
  • Just keep pumping those legs!

Ally dwarves dying

  • Murdering bastard!
  • Stop killing my pals!


  • Valhalla, here I come!
  • Bloody hell...!
  • Sonnova' bitch..!
  • It is off to Hell I go...
  • Losing ... is ... fun!


  • Killing a dwarf counts towards the Scot-Free challenge in the challenge list.


  • All Dwarfs share Salvador's face sprite. This references his stunted body growth.
  • The dying statement "Losing is fun!" is a reference to (and the motto of) Dwarf Fortress.
  • The Creeper quote is a reference to Minecraft, as dwarves are commonly miners in most fantasy settings.

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