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Duuurp! is the Title of a group of common Rocket Launchers and are manufactured exclusively by Torgue. The Duuurp! is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage and Description[]

Duuurp! launchers use the high-damage, low-velocity Torgue barrel, firing incredibly destructive, slow-moving rockets that travel in a long arc, rather than flying straight forwards.

This launcher's effectiveness at longer ranges and in gaining Second Winds is greatly reduced by its slow-moving projectiles, low accuracy and long reload times. However, as both the gun body and muzzle are manufactured by Torgue, this launcher has a damage bonus that other launchers (with only the Torgue barrel) lack.

The "derp" prefix adds 10% weapon damage, increased recoil, and decreased fire rate; this is represented with a fork-like attachment on top of the gun's barrel. If this launcher is also equipped with Torgue's thick exhaust, it gains an additional damage bonus at the cost of fire rate. These potential bonuses make it the most damage-dealing common launcher in the game.

Maya's skill Reaper and Axton's Impact and Battlefront skills further increase the launcher's damage potential. A Duuurp! used with Krieg's Thrill of the Kill can restore health with minimal effort, as it will almost always deal a substantial amount of overkill damage.

Notable Variants[]

  • 12 Pounder - Unique rocket launcher that fires arching cannonballs which bounce once if it hits an inert surface.
  • Nukem - Legendary rocket launcher with massive damage, blast radius and mushroom cloud explosion at the cost of two ammo per shot.
  • World Burn - Effervescent incendiary rocket launcher with massive damage, blast radius and mushroom cloud explosion.