Dumpy is one of the many Atlas robots guarding the Gortys Project facility under Old Haven.


If Rhys chose Fiona's plan at the end of episode two, then Dumpy would paralyze Vaughn before being destroyed by Loader Bot. If Rhys chose Jack's plan though, he would take control of the facility with the help of Rhys and let chaos take over. Jack would leave a smaller, less lethal robot, to which Rhys would name Dumpy accordingly. Rhys navigates it through the ensuing chaos stunning August's soldiers and Loader Bot, in an attempt to take it down and away from Vasquez' control. It helps free Vaughn from Vasquez's control, after which Vaughn breaks his control on Loader Bot. Vasquez shoots Dumpy and severely damages it, but it lands in front of Rhys, who expresses horror by yelling "NO, Dumpy!" He also expresses camaraderie by saying "I'm taking you with me. For some reason." Dumpy then gets added to Rhys' inventory.

Dumpy's Jack-apedia entry

On the road trip to the Dome, Rhys repairs Dumpy. Vaughn and Sasha comment on it when leaving the Caravan. Its voice modulator was damaged, so it only makes loud shrieking noises. Rhys can talk to Dumpy in the Dome, but will be frightened off by the shrieks. After Rhys opens the gate and the entire group goes through, Vaughn turns around to admire the view and almost gets hit by a flying Dumpy, to which he promptly yells "YOU SUCK!" When entering the creepy facility, Vaughn suggests that Dumpy could scout ahead. Dumpy flies a second before hitting a monitor and falling to the ground.



  • Dumpy has D2 on its forehead area and D1 on its sides.
  • He was named Dumpy due to him being smaller, less lethal and dirtier than the other bots.
  • The technical name for the paralyses caused by Dumpy is Artificially Induced Hemispherical Abdormition. It can be cured by plunging a syringe with the antidote into the heart of the person affected.
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