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Dumpster Diver is one of the five loot midgets hidden throughout The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.


Dumpster Diver can be found inside one of two dumpsters in Motorhead's garage, either just inside the entrance or in the far left corner. This location is accessed by accepting the mission, Little People, Big Experiments from Thirsty the Midget and proceeding to the final objective to kill Motorhead.



Dumpster Diver will charge directly at an opponent and swing his pipe once he reaches melee attack range. If his targets move well away he will pause and occasionally initiate a very long leap attack.


  • The long pauses of this unit can cause it to lose track of targets. The Dumpster Diver will switch to idle behaviour when his opponents move far enough away.


  • This midget is modelled similarly to the prisoners of Lockdown Palace. The appearance is similar to a small Enforcer with the scarring of a Badass Thug, while the club is the same kind of pipe wielded by a Banger. The Diver's melee weapon is a resized version of the model/texture of the club used by Brick.