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Dump on Dumptruck is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.


"Ellie wants you to kill someone named The Holy Dumptruck who's been talkin' smack about the Crimson Raiders. Teach him a lesson in manners by shooting him a whole bunch. That'll learn 'em."



  • Kill The Holy Dumptruck.
  • Shoot 'em in the ass (Optional)
  • Open the trap door.
  • Find red chest.


There's a bounty poster outside Ellie's Catch-A-Ride shop offering a bounty for a bandit known as The Holy Dumptruck. The Holy Dumptruck can be found at the top of the bandit outpost indicated by the mission marker, and to reach him requires fighting through a number of Children of the Vault fanatics. He carries a shield that will block most attacks, but using melee attacks or grenades can overwhelm his guard and open him up to gunfire. Occasionally, he will bend over to taunt by "mooning" and at this point he can be shot in the rear for the bonus objective to be completed.

When the Holy Dumptruck has been eliminated, Ellie messages to point out a nearby trapdoor. This can be opened by shooting two targets, one on an overhead water pipe and another on a power supply unit to the left of the pipe. This causes water burst free and form a puddle that completes a circuit through an otherwise broken power cable. With the trapdoor open, the mission is completed, allowing access to the final room in the bandit enclave where a red chest can be found.


Turn In: Ellie


  • The Buttplug is given as a reward if the optional objective is completed.

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