Dukino is a male docile skag with red armor platings that appears in Borderlands 2. He is the subject of three animal rescue missions in Lynchwood, Medicine , Food and Shelter. He is the son of a huge skag appropriately named Dukino's Mom (which the player must kill after helping Dukino during the quest Demon Hunter) and the grandson of an even bigger skag, Skagzilla, appearing in the first Borderlands.


When the player first sees Dukino, he is a tiny, wounded skag sleeping in front of his tiny cell. If the player activates his first quest, they must find a heath vile for him, which will be on the roof of a nearby building. After that, he gets hungry and the player must find food. Soon, the player will have to find more food for Dukino, causing him to grow to the size of an elder skag, and even a shelter. Dukino finds a giant mining area under a small mountain to rest, but there are various bandits camping out there. With Dukino's help, the player must clear the cave and let Dukino reside there.

Later, the player must return to the cave if they activate Demon Hunter to kill Dukino's mother because she will eventually eat Dukino alive. So, along with fighting more bandits, the player will defeat Dukino's Mom and return to Dukino, gaining a reward.

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