Dukino's Mom is a massive skag in Borderlands 2. She threatens to devour her son, Dukino, in his cavern in Lynchwood in the quest Demon Hunter. She is the daughter of an even bigger skag, Skagzilla, appearing in the first Borderlands.


Dukino's Mom's combat

Dukino's Mom jumps around the area regularly. She can charge up a huge laser from her mouth that she sweeps in a wide arc on the ground (similar to her father). While she is charging her laser, her mouth is an open critical point just waiting to be shot.

Dukino's Mom has three main attacks: a leap that will generate a large shockwave, her laser beam, and electrical orbs flying in an arc pattern coming from her mouth. Her laser sweeps quickly and can switch to different targets instantly. She can also destroy the rock columns that provide cover in the arena, making it more difficult to take time to heal or revive another.


  • At certain points in the fight, bandits will appear to attack her, serving as a distraction, letting the player have an easy backstab.
    • Alternatively, if players manage to hold the attention of Dukino's Mom, these bandits can be used for easy second winds as they are severely more under-leveled than that of the player.
  • It may be wise to hide behind the metal panel in the elevator used to descend into the mine. Her mouth beam and shockwave cannot hit this location, allowing for shots to her mouth when she fires her laser, although dodging her electrocute charges can be difficult from this position. Since she is heavily armored (indicated by the yellow health bar), corrosive weapons are recommended.


Upon killing Dukino's mother, multiple waves of rather inexpensive loot and money will fall out of her. To complete Demon Hunter, the player must return to Dukino and get their reward.


  • Bandits can kill Dukino's Mom, preventing the mission from completing.
  • It is implied that, when Dukino grows to the right age, he will be able to fire a laser similar to that of his mother's and grandfather's.
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