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Dukino's Mom is a massive armored female skag in Borderlands 2. She attempts to devour her son, Dukino, in his cavern in Lynchwood in the mission Demon Hunter.

Dukino's Mom placement

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  • Dukino's Mom has 168,931 hit points at level 28. At level 52 and 74 it becomes 8,300,963 and 386,054,944, respectively.
  • Dukino's Mom will attack the bandits that appear in The Old Mine. Bandits killed in this manner will count towards the mission Hyperion Contract 873, so it would be wise to avoid fighting her if the mission is active.
  • Due to the level scaling in Lynchwood, Dukino's Mom has a variable level that scales with the characters in the game. In Normal Mode, this is capped at level 32.
  • Though it is quite unlikely due to the huge disparity in power, it is possible for bandits to land the killing hit on Dukino's Mom, preventing her from dropping any loot and blocking mission completion.
  • Dukino's Mom has an increased chance to drop the legendary Mongol rocket launcher.
  • Rarely drops skins: To the Rescue (Siren), Harmonious (Zer0), Distorted Socially (Gaige), YOUR EYES TASTE LIKE CHEESE (Psycho), Dark and Light (Commando), Don't Tell Me What I Cyan't Do (Salvador).
  • Scavengers in True Vault Hunter Mode near her when she dies may steal her loot drops, possibly removing a valuable Mongol if they are left unchecked.
  • Dukino's Mom will appear in The Raid on Digistruct Peak (at Butcher Base) at Overpower Level 6 or above.
  • She dropped Logan's Gun on day 22 of Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.
  • When fighting her, being too close will not allow the Vault Hunter's shield to be recharged, as her thundering footsteps disrupt the recharging process.
  • If she is killed during her laser beam attack, the laser can remain actively firing from her maw until her corpse despawns. During this time it is still more than capable of damaging and killing the Vault Hunter.

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