The Duke of Ork is a mini-boss enemy in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. He only spawns after a Warlord orc has leveled up enough times.


The Duke of Ork is a fearsome opponent capable of dealing heavy damage to anyone who gets close enough. The Duke of Ork has three primary attacks; a ground-pound with his giant battle-axe, sweeping his axe in a circle around him and a jumping ground-pound. All three are capable of putting a player into Fight For Your Life mode. The best way to deal with the Duke of Ork is to run away, as he will stop chasing the player after a while. But the best strategy in killing him is a run 'n gun approach. Run around, letting him chase you while periodically turning around and hitting him with gunfire. Slag and incendiary weapons work the best on him, due to his lack of a shield.


  • The Duke of Ork's name is a pun on the Duke of York, a title usually bestowed upon the second son of the English monarch.

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