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Drop barges are bulk transport aircraft used to haul anything from cargo to refuse through the skies of Pandora. Frequently found doing the logistics work of Hyperion, drop barges are also deployed as troop carriers for Hyperion's human personnel. Some of them are also armed and can digistruct four Hyperion automated gun turrets on their hulls.

Drop barges are vertical take-off and landing craft, able to hover over a drop zone and descend to a very confined landing area if need be. They can also hover with their rear cargo door adjacent to elevated loading zones, providing ideal entry and egress for rapid military operations.

Some models exhibit a ventral claw. This addition allows a drop barge to carry a badass constructor in a clutched position just below their rear hull.


Various drop barges make notable appearances in the main story missions of Borderlands 2, and also as occasional troop carriers in Ore Chasm. In order of appearance, these are:


  • The Crimson Raiders' barge carries roughly painted slogans on the sides:
    • "DOWN WITH JACK," is on the port side.
    • "FOR BLOODWING," is on the starboard side.
    • The forward section has a painted likeness of Handsome Jack, with a big cross obscuring the mouth, adorning each side.
  • Smaller craft, that may well be smaller models of drop barges, can be seen in parked positions in Opportunity.

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